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Baggage Books is excited to be launching our first book of poetry Three Voices from the Well which features the work of poets Joanna Huriwai, Angela Wright and Julie Burns all of whom live in the greater Wellington region.

As members of the OBOD druids Grove of the Summer Stars, the three poets featured in Three Voices from the Well have been performing their poetry to appreciative audiences at various Eistefords over a number of years.

Editor Moira Wairama was delighted when Joanna Huriwai, Angela Wright and Julie Burns agreed to her suggestion that Baggage Books publish a collection of their works in order to reach a wider audience.

“I love that Joanna, Angela and Julie’s poetry is so very different in style and content but sits so comfortably together in one book. Three Voices from the Well in effect offers readers three poets for the price of one in terms of distinctive and diverse voices.”

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