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Baggage Theatre Co-op

In 1995 Tony Hopkins and Moira Wairama wrote the play Baggage for the 1996 Wellington Fringe Festival. In order to produce their play they formed the Baggage Co-op and after a successful season at Bats theatre it was decided the co-op should continue as a vehicle to produce more work. While the core members of Baggage Co-op are Moira Wairama and Tony Hopkins, other members change with each new production. To date Baggage Co-op has produced 26 shows.

Baggage Arts Charitable Trust

In 2000, Moira Wairama and Tony Hopkins, initiated the setting up of the Baggage Arts Charitable Trust (BACT) which incorporated Baggage Co-op’s general philosophy into the Trust’s wider objectives. BACT has enabled the co-op to continue producing work by acting as an umbrella organization for funding proposals.

Baggage Theatre Co-op

Soul Food Tellers

Soul Food Tellers is the storytelling branch of Baggage Theatre Co-op and is the name used by Moira Wairama and Tony Hopkins when working together or in conjunction with other storytellers.

Moira and Tony offer joint tellings which reflect and celebrate their different backgrounds and delight audiences of all ages. Their show Stories from Here and There featuring Māori, African and Native American legends are especially popular.

Moira Wairama

Moira Wairama is a Wellington storyteller, writer, poet and teacher well known for bi-lingual tellings of Māori legends and for creating stories around New Zealand events, artworks and her own life experiences.

Moira T Wairama NZ storyteller

Tony Hopkins

Tony Hopkins is an African-American of Cherokee descent now living in Wellington. He is an actor, poet and storyteller, who specialises in telling African-American, Native American and African stories as well as original tales about his own life.

Tony Hopkins Storyteller

Moira and Tony specialise in producing a range of programmes on request, and can find or create stories around specific themes, events or venues.