The Mother’s Child

A picture book for mothers about connecting with their creative child

ISBN 978 0 473 32659 3

Published by Baggage Books 2015

Written by Wellington storyteller, writer and poet Moira Wairama and illustrated by Wairarapa artist Linda Tilyard

The story of this book

This is the first book Baggage Books has published and it has been an exciting and challenging journey and a learning curve for all involved. As with all picture books, the work belongs equally to both the writer and illustrator. They in turn need a good designer to help bring the book together.


“A deeply moving and touching book. In its pages I saw myself following the death of my 3rd daughter Rachel Grace. I recommend it as a resource for: counsellors, Plunket nurses, midwives or mothers who have suffered SIDS, intrauterine death (stillbirth), miscarriages, postal natal depression (PTSD), abortion. This healing book is a wonderful gift.” Karyn George, June 2019

Moira Wairama: author, storyteller

“The idea for this story came to me when I was asked to journal my dreams during a retreat I attended many years ago. At that time I was a solo mother with three children struggling to survive on a reduced benefit and trying to wake my own creative child. Later I began telling this story as part of the storytelling workshops I ran for various women’s groups. Then when I started writing for children I dreamt of creating a picture book around this story, one that mothers could share with their children. When I first saw Linda Tilyard’s amazing art work I knew she could help me make this dream come true.”

Linda Tilyard: artist, illustrator

“My work is involved with people and their stories, particularly the stories of women and children and the lives of the unsung and unseen.

The ancient and modern both fascinate me and I use imagery which explores global concerns about the future and our place in the world in general  I like to look for our connectedness, as I believe that our similarities are greater than our differences.

My family is a large part of who I am and art is the rest. Family keeps me grounded and ‘real’.”

Anne Johnston: graphic designer

“I love problem solving and the challenge of learning about new products and services and helping my clients turn their ideas into hard working pieces of communication. My experience has taught me that images and words are ‘one’ and that when they are created together the results are powerful.”
Graphic Design Wellington

Photos from our book launch…

Tony Hopkins, Moira Wairama and Linda Tilyard at The Mother’s Child book launch.

BATS Theatre was the perfect place for a ‘theatrical performance’ telling of The Mother’s Child. Afterwards, people gathered on stage to look at more of Linda’s art work.

Mother’s Child book designer Anne Johnston and world renown storyteller Mary Alice Arthur admire Linda Tilyard’s art work.

Big thanks to Ruth and John McIntyre from the Children’s Bookshop Kilbirnie for taking to the BATS stage selling not only our books but but also the newly launched CD reading in English and Maori of the Taniwha of Wellington Harbour.